Tim Trevor-Briscoe

Clarinetist, saxophonist, improviser, composer

Tim Trevor-Briscoe.jpg

Italo-British, Tim T-B grew up in London and now lives in Bologna. He began playing clarinet and saxophone at an early age, initially excelling as a classical soloist (1st clarinet National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain), under the guidance of Jack Brymer and David Campbell, then developing to become a well-established improviser in jazz and experimental genres.

Towards the beginning of his adult career, he was awarded first prize in the national music talent competitions “Iceberg Angelica” and “Movin’Up” and today continues to develop professionally through self-study, ongoing collaboration with the musicians he most admires and participation in inspiring master-classes such as Dave Liebman's in the USA.

Over the years, he has played a founding role in a variety of widely acknowledged original projects and has recorded and composed on a number of acclaimed releases ("Polyphonie”, “Shrine on You", (Classica Orchestra Afrobeat); "Edges" (Eloisa Atti); "Circolo Odeon" (Circolo Odeon); "Live in Rome", "Jazz Resistant" (Comanda Barabba); "Ance Migratorie" (Clarinet 4); "La Fuga di Majorana" (Jacarè); "One Hot Afternoon", "Underflow" (Leo Records - Guazzalcoa/Mezei etc). As a performer and soloist, he has enjoyed an intense concert schedule, playing locally and internationally in festivals such as Glastonbury (West Holts stage), Bologna Jazz festival and Montreux Jazz (2018).

Although specializing in contemporary improvisation, Tim remains open to explore new genres: his approach to music is focused on an authentic drive to discover unknown territories in a continuing search for fresh and expressive terrain.

He is also a qualified music therapist and teaches improvisation at the conservatory of Cesena, Italy.

“...extraordinary on the alto and clarinet. No-one plays like this. There is something raw and revealing...” (G.Mimmo, Arimani Records)

“...inspiration and fluency ...” (All Bout Jazz, A.Leonardi)

“...his “extemporary” pieces make solid good sense at every turn...” (Wire, Brian Morton)

“...a sweet, yet intellectual approach with a love of pure tone...” (Cadece, P.McNelly)

“...an expert, incredibly agile saxophonist...” (Musica Jazz, L.Farnè)